13 maj, @ Hexxat worth playing? As title say, should i get in my party Hexxat? After i got real Hexxat her stats are red, is that a good. Hexxat is a neutral evil vampire thief and a potential companion. You must recruit Hexxat before ‎Hexxat's request Baldur's Gate · ‎Hexxat's Amulet | Baldur's · ‎Dragomir's Respite. Sure she's a vampire but what does she have to offer that a non-vampire character has to offer? She has to wear that painfully ability score  Hexxat and the tomb of Dragomir.

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It retells the story of the shroud. If Hexxat was a mod NPC, she'd be shunned to the deepest crevices of the modding world. And Enrage, which makes him immune to most of the worst status effects in the game including Imprisonment - nothing funnier than watching a furious dwarf solo Kangaxx at like level 9. None of the NPCs in the game are totally gimped as to be useless, they test this big time during development. She couldn't say "Hey, a little busy here, L, come back and see me once I have finished helping charname. Enhanced Edition 15 Baldur's Gate: Another thief character should have been made for BG2:

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BG2 EE - Hexxat

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